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U.N. Haley is in the race to steal votes from the Republican Party. We know what side she is on, RINO?

Shiba Knights - S1E2 - Shiba Economy

ShibaKnights S1 E1

Money is happening, shibaknights

Always on top!

Texas ! txmail.us

Cmon Nikki, we need the votes .. if you cared you give the support. Desantis is a patriot.

Carlson, Elder, Desantis, Gabbard. My Picks.

Sports Illustrated a staff cut. Ouch.

Let’s go Collins!

Loose bolts on aircraft means a few things.. where are the parts coming from? Who is installing them. Is Ir or someone else involved?

Having some breakfast with the wife! @fiona16

Check out Freedom on Mixcloud!

Who listens to Green Day anyway..

I stand with Elon!

That’s ok we may have enough electoral votes with California :)

Christmas is upon us. Merry Xmas to all!

Ok the first amendment is not a convenience it is our Right as U.S. Citizens. And if universities are going to honor that Right on their private property they should honor the second amendment with all others as well. Keep driving over the double yellow in that Leftist lane you will get hit eventually.

The U.S. Loves India, we need India as an Ally

Kara will move on!

When games are trying to be smarter then the players it takes the fun out of the game. Now it's a competition with a Intel i7

Energy flood gates!

Thanksgiving is upon us! Eat well!

Modern Warships’ hosting is as bad as MTG’s shuffler.

We all hope for it Sly

Now is the time for counties and towns to
Up their police protection. Malls, grocery stores, Walmarts, and of course schools.

Netflix hit a home run with no hard feelings. Don’t look up or do on a beach.

Looks like team R is sticking together finally

City Lights

Check out this fun video, work it out! Support it.

Bloopers - YouTube

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of our serene yoga sessions? Spoiler alert: it's not always as graceful as it seems! 🤣 Dive into this light-hea...