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Register for Email: Email accounts are provided to verified members. Message the bartender (@administrator) and request an email address. Your account will be assigned an email based on your geographical area.

Message to bartender includes the following:

-I am requesting an email address.

-Email will be your or geographical assigned domain.

-You can request a special name simply by adding the special name in front of

*Message must be sent from a verified account.


How do I make my profile private so only my followers see it?

A.-Go to your profile settings

                     a.1-Account privacy settings        

                 a.2- Account privacy settings

Top of Form

Who can see my profile & posts?


Who can follow me?


Who can direct message me?


Show your profile in search engines?

Change the settings to match your preference.




Rumble embed option: Go to the rumble website and click on the video you want to share.

Click on Embed > Use the embed IFRAME URL and post it into a shout-out.


Sound Cloud – Go to the sound cloud site and find the direct link from the audio file you would like to share. On mobile phones you need to replace the with Copy the link into the shout-out and post!

Mixcloud – Go to the mixcloud audio file you would like to share and find the direct link. Copy the link and post it into the shout-out. Your audio requested will embed into the shout-out and become playable on the timeline.