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Hey Bear what you doing?

In love !

Having some food with my love!

Shiba Knights - S1E2 - Shiba Economy

ShibaKnights S1 E1

Always on top!

City Lights

Listen to All Night Long.

On the water having some fun!

On the Lake @ Deep Creek Lake

Wilderness with @fiona16 and friends

A dog and her bone

Listen to Canal St NY!

Moving cars off the highway!

Canadian Wild fires 🔥

At the lake! With the family

On the trail at high point!

Update on the grille situation!

Happy Saturday! @fiona16

Grille Time!

Making some Kabobs! @fiona16

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Listen to Oceania! on: https://www.mixcloud.com/d...

Do You Know Where You Are? Five friends get caught in a spiritual battle between good and evil. Screenplay.

In the Bahamas with @fiona16

Turtle Bay!

Good morning!

Pulling into port!

Disney Dream!

About to depart Miami with @fiona16